Tackling Racism



For those who may have been the victim of a racist event or who have witnessed a racist attack, find out here how to access confidential help and advice in school and outside of school.





Get help and support in school

Every school has a duty of care to make sure you learn in a safe environment. Teachers are always happy to help if you have been racially abused or bullied. Any teacher should help you, and often there is a teacher or member of staff who is there especially to help you with this kind of problem. These people are sometimes called ‘mentors’. But sometimes it is easier to speak to a teacher that you feel most comfortable with.

“But I don’t want people to find out…”


You can often speak to a teacher, counsellor, or mentor in confidence. This means that, generally, they cannot tell anyone else about your experiences without your permission. Sometimes when your experiences are damaging to you, they do need to tell someone else to help you deal with these experiences.

“But people will still know…”

There are other ways you can get help without people finding out who you are. Read below to find out more.



Confidential and anonymous help in and out of school





The SHARP system
Schools in Sandwell are beginning to use the SHARP system. This is a confidential web-based service. Basically, you can report any incidents of racism that you have experienced yourself. You might be worried about a friend who is experiencing racist bullying, and can help them using the SHARP system too. You do not have to identify yourself, so you are completely anonymous.


“Tell me more about the SHARP system…”
The SHARP system works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can send a message to the system to report your and other people’s racist experiences. It is completely confidential. The system cannot track where messages come from, and does not need a name, telephone number or email address to complete the form. If you want someone to get back to you, then you can leave contact details. The messages get sent to designated members of staff in your school, and they deal with the racist incident.

“How do I use the SHARP system?”
You can send messages from any device that sends emails. This is most mobile phones, Xbox 360, the new iphone, hand held computers pda’s, sky TV, ntl cable TV. If you can only send an email from in school, and you are worried someone might see, the SHARP system can quickly and cleverly hide.

Find out more by visiting:
http://www.thesharpsystem.com/index.php or speaking to someone in your school.



CyberMentors are young people who have been trained to listen, help and give you advice about any bullying experience you might have. It doesn’t matter how big or small your problem is; they are there to help. You can send a CyberMentor a message, or chat to them in the online chat room. If you’re really worried there are trained counsellors to help you too. The site is secure, and all your chats are private.


“How do I chat to a CyberMentor?”
Simply go to their website:
www.cybermentors.org and follow the easy instructions to log-in.

“I’d like to speak to someone face-to-face…”
Some CyberMentors are being trained to work in schools. Ask your school if they have any CyberMentors. If they don’t there will still always be a teacher or member of staff available for you to speak to. If you think you might like to become a CyberMentor, go to the website to find out how.

“Anything else?”
You can read about other peoples’ experiences on the website too and find out how they coped with them. You can watch and upload music videos, and get free stuff too.



Often people think they can only phone counsellors at ChildLine, but now you can also send emails, have 1-2-1 online chats, text them, leave messages on message boards or even write down your worries and send a letter to ‘Ask Sam’. You don’t have to give the counsellors at ChildLine any information about yourself if you don’t want to, they’ll always be happy to listen.



“Who will I be speaking to?”
People who work at ChildLine are trained, and have dealt with lots of problems before, big and small. So they’re well-equipped to help you with any racist or bullying experiences you might have, as well as other life problems.

“What if I want to figure this out by myself…?”
It is always advisable to share your problems. But if you’re not quite ready to do this, ChildLine have got loads of information about all sorts of issues. You can find out more about racism and things such as exam stress and peer pressure (as well as lots more) by visiting their website.

“I don’t want people to know I’m on the website.”
Not a problem! There’s a handy tab on the right hand side of the web pages that says “hide page” – one click and it disappears. You can also keep your visits private.

“Anything else?”
There are lots of games, videos and ‘fun stuff’ to find at the website too.

Visit the website to find out more: www.childline.org.uk  



Recommendations from young people in Sandwell


Ask your school to organise learning 'mentors' or student counsellors...



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