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Find out more about different cultures, religions, and nationalities.





Over 60 million people live in Britain from different racial, religious, and cultural backgrounds. We have been a multicultural society for hundreds and hundreds of years.

We asked over 1,210 young people in Sandwell what their ethnicity was, and got over 300 different responses!



Check out this link to find out more about multiculturalism in the UK:




“What is ‘ethnicity’?”

Your ‘ethnicity’ is the way you d
escribe your nationality and/or colour. Sometimes it includes religion too. Occasionally people get asked to write their ‘ethnicity’ or their ‘ethnic background’ on forms or questionnaires.
Everyone has an ethnicity. Some examples are: Black British, White Irish, Pakistani Muslim, Polish, Black & White British. This last one is an example of someone who is ‘Dual Heritage’. This is the better way of saying ‘Mixed race’.



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When we spoke to young people in Sandwell they told us that it can be difficult to know how to ask questions about different cultures and religions without feeling uncomfortable.



For a better understanding of different cultures, religions and nationalities, visit www.britkid.org 

Here you can meet a group of multicultural friends, with different cultures and religions, and learn about their languages and cultures, and a bit about their family too.




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